Terms and Conditions

In using this website you are deemed to have read and agreed to the following terms and conditions. 

About the Service

This service provides web applications and websites as a service. We offer a combination of hosted application solutions plus custom graphic treatment. 

Interlated.net is provided by an Australian company.

Pricing Plans

Monthly or annual subscription are available. There may be professional service charges and cancellation fees.

Resource Usage

The hosting is on shared platforms and intended for low traffic and introductory sites. If access to your site is more than 500Mb of data per day we will contact you and offer a different plan. There are also limits on disk utilisation. If your site is over 5Gb we will contact you.

Cancellations and Refunds

We will refund any subscription charges if you are not happy with our services and cancel in the first 90 days. After this period we will refund up until the beginning of the current month.

Charges for service, such as graphic design work are not refundable on cancellation. They are only refundable if you are not happy with the outcome of the work. If we have provided you with source code or data for which you request a refund, we request that you destroy all copies.

Data and Source Code

At any point, please request a copy of the database and or source code supporting your application. An administrative fee of $90 GST included will be applicable. It is required that your subscription be fully paid and that you have not requested a cancellation of the service.

We reserve the right to remove or change any data secret to Interlated, such as passwords or connections to other systems.

We licence you to run one copy of the provided software live and as many development only, not publicly accessible copies as you wish. These conditions  do not overule any licence conditions, such as GPL or Apache-2 licencing where applicable.


We reserve the right to terminate access service and provide a refund from the beginning of the current month for what we consider anti-social behaviour. This may include but is not limited to, sending spam emails, offensive or illegal content online, providing unethical services (gambling, pyramid schemes, pornographic etc) or those counter to our own aims and values as a company such as environmental protection and promoting social justice.

Interlated may terminate a whole service at any time for a range of reasons such as the financial viability of the service.


Your service may be unavailable for 2 periods per week for backups, usually early morning Australian Eastern Standard time. We will also schedule security updates to be applied on the first Tuesday of each month, with an outage window of up to 1 hour before we provide special notice. We will provide notice of these outages on the website and via email.

For outages of more than 1 day you may request credits: For 1 to 7 days, one week credit will be provided, for more than 7 days a months credit will be provided.

Software Updates

Software updates to platforms will be applied up to once per month, depending on the maturity of products in our development cycle. These sotware updates will be deployed on the first Tuesday of each month during our maintenance window. If the out


Support is available via our ticketing system or send a support email.

Warranty and Disclaimer

No additional warranties are provided above those required by the Australian statute. Please contact us for our insurance details.

Privacy Statement

We will contact you in relation to service outages and futher offers that you might be interested in that relate directly to services Interlated provides. We will not share your contact details with third parties. Generally, access is limited to Interlated/Mountain River and authorised contractors and our hosting partners.

Under no circumstances will Interlated sell or receive payment for licensing or disclosing your personal information.


Data is stored in Australian and New Zealand data centres on shared, but private infrastructure. Access is limiited to Interlated/Mountain River and authorised contractors and our hosting partners RimuHosting. 

Interlated actively manages the security relating to hosted applications and endeavours to ensure that private and confidential data is kept within the application suite subscribed to.

Copyright Notice

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