Interlated provides a sophisticated level of web publishing capabilities, dynamic web interface development and web application development.

Interlated provides the highest level technical, integration and design services.

What can Interlated Provide?

Interlated can provide sophisticated web publishing platforms. We provide the 'mountain river' range of Drupal publishing solutions. These are targeted to providing community site solutions, campaign solutions, government and corporate sites. Interlated can provide rich sites that provide genuine services to customers and substantive competitive advantage.

Interlated is a 'can do' company that relishes the opportunity to use extensive technical background to solve particular customer problems.

Some of the solutions we have developed include:

  • Highly acclaimed websites.
  • Membership management solutions.
  • Collaborative platforms. Ability to form groups, share content and interact online.
  • Sophisticated, interactive, visual and usable web applications. For example we developed an emissions calculator programme and worked on the NSW atlas.
  • Applications based on Service Oriented or messaging architectures. For example we developed an messaging application providing new interfaces to a legacy system that was able to generate 25% of new sales for the organisation.
  • Smart Services CRC website proposal
  • Design and multi-media

Interlated has surrounded itself with a wide range of accomplished professionals. We are likely to be able to find a creative individual to solve a wide range of specific problems at a high order. We also have technical management, solution design and test management skills.

Providing online tools and website creation services. Take the complexity out of marketing your site online and helping you manage your organisation with a simple subscription service. 
Get started immediately and as your business grows we will help you.


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